Learning some principles of marketing

A man in party hall sees one girl without partner – availability of market. He then requests his friend to introduce him to her – indirect marketing. His friend refuses – lack of creditable channel members. He then walks towards the girl and introduce himself – direct marketing.

The girl walks away – mismatch of demand and supply. He again walks after her and tells her he is rich man – persuasive advertisement. The girl turns back and slaps him – customer’s feedback. One man appears in front of her and takes her away – competition in market. 

He looks around and finds no single girl – non-availability of market. The man comes out of the hall frustrated and walks to his home– failure of business idea!

God also makes mistakes if we cannot convince him

One day a 50-year old man was praying. Suddenly God appeared in front of him saying, "I will fulfill just one of your wishes. Mention it." The man immediately thought of his wife being elder to him by 20 years. So he said, "I want my wife to be younger than me by 20 years". The God took out his magic wand and boom, he became 70 years old man. 

You can say sorry even to God

I was one day with my friend in Paro Takshang on one of the auspicious days. We reached one of its shrine rooms which is actually too small for both of us to prostrate and offer prayers. 

So I waited at threshold, when my friend prostrated. After it was done, he confidently took (without actually looking at it) a note from his pocket and placed above his forehead as we usually do when we make such offerings. He must have not seen. The note in his hand was 500Nu. note. I could clearly see from there. Yet I didn't tell him. I just waited thinking may be he's gonna really offer 500Nu. note there. 

But no sooner his prayers were done and the note descended just below his chin than the word SORRY WAI blurted out of his mouth. He actually thought it was 50Nu. note. He timidly took out one 50Nu. note from his pocket to offer there. That time he was so careful to pick only the 50Nu. note. He made my day. I was laughing the whole day.

Gravels at night and jewels during day

A man was struggling through a thick forest in the middle of night. He lost his torch and his way. Yet determined, he kept crawling through night thinking that if he can at least move little farther.

Almost completely exhausted, he reached near a river bank. As he couldn't even trace a clue from which direction he actually has to go, he sat there. When he sit his hand felt a sack of gravels. 

Depressed and bored, he sat there throwing those gravels one by one into the river. By the time he almost completed throwing all, the dawn broke out. And then when his eyes could really see, it so happened that those gravels were actually jewels. But unlucky was he, only one was left inside the sack.

A Fox and a Rabbit

A Fox was one day chasing a Rabbit for his next meal. No sooner Rabbit saw that Fox running towards him, he became alert and thought that if he don't run as much as he could his life will be ended right there. He didn't want to die. He wanted to live his life. So the Rabbit started running as much as he could. 

When the Fox saw the Rabbit running away, he also increased his speed to the maximum thinking that if he don't catch the Rabbit, he will remain hungry for yet another day. But as much as his desire for next meal burnt his speed couldn't measure up to catch the Rabbit.

When the Fox was completely exhausted and couldn't make even a step, he called up the Rabbit to come closer to him. He promised he won't prey. He just wanted to know secret of the Rabbit in successfully running away from him and that also by many strides despite appearing very impossible for a small animal like him.

"Ok sir, now please tell me why you were chasing me so much" said the Rabbit still panting. "I haven't eaten anything for lunch. I was so hungry. So I chased you. But I couldn't catch you. Why do you think so?"

"Sir, you're chasing me just for a meal but I was running away for my life. There is a difference," said the Rabbit. So the Fox accepted his defeat and scurried away from him.